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Now Available: Pesticides from CATLAB


Lisa on the day the TQ-XS was delivered 😊

CATLAB has completed the final packages to the State of Maine CDC for Pesticide Certification. The Waters Xevo TQ-XS System with ACQUITY H-Class Plus System is the world’s state of the art in technological advances for pesticides in the cannabis industry. It is the only instrument known to have the capability to analyze all of Maine’s 59 pesticide compounds in one analytical run. Other labs are required to have two runs, one on an LCMSMS and one on a GCMS.  

CATLAB corners the market with the best, most efficient technology in the state, if not the country! We like to pride ourselves in using some of the finest technology within the industry to make sure our customers get quality data!

Meet Lisa, the CATLAB Organics Team Lead

Lisa is an analytical scientist with more than 25 years of experience in chemical analysis in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and cannabis testing industries. She specializes in chromatography and mass spectrometry as well as the development and validation of robust laboratory testing methods. 

Lisa With Cannabis Testing EquipmentHer vast experience with the operation and maintenance of various lab instrumentation, including LC/MS and GC/MS makes her an invaluable member of the CATLAB team! Lisa has her BS degree in chemistry from Bates College and started her career at Pfizer in Groton, CT. She moved back to Maine to be closer to family and continued her career in chemistry at UNE College of Pharmacy. Lisa has been in the cannabis testing industry for over three years and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to our team!

Lisa is very hardworking and, as you might expect, has spent a lot of time getting instruments like the Waters TQ-XS Pesticide instrument validated for the state of Maine. 

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, walking, and golfing. Her favorite places to camp are in the Acadia National Park Region. She is also known to be a pretty great cook in the kitchen 😊. She has two children in college, and for the first time, it’s an empty nest. When the kids are around, she enjoys spending time with the family.

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