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What Our Certifications Mean For The Quality Of Your Product Analytics

Our lab being CDC, OCP, & ISO certified is an important aspect of our business, and by extension, yours. What do these certifications mean, you ask? To learn more about how these certifications ensure both legitimacy and regulation compliance through our laboratory analysis procedures, read on. To learn more about CATLAB, LLC and the people that make it possible, click below.

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What An ISO Certification Entails

This means that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure meets all standards and quality assurance needs. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental organization that produces standards to assure product quality, safety, and efficiency. Getting this certification means that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure meets all standards and quality assurance needs. ISO certificates exist in numerous industries, from medical products to energy management, and provide consistency throughout. Businesses that adhere to ISO standards find benefits such as:

Reduced risks
Reduced insurance premiums
Helps with tendering
More engaged employees
Increased efficiency
Reduced costs

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To work with a business that has been certified by ISO for our quality, efficiency, and consistency, browse our services below.

What A CDC Certification Means For You

Being CDC certified shows that we have completed the required training to ensure that all proper processes are used when making your products safe to consume. Through a series of educational modules and tests we have earned our CDC certification in order to provide only the best in lab analytics and testing. Making sure your products are free of harmful chemicals and microbes for your consumers is our top priority, which we take very seriously. To learn more about our processes and what they entail, click the link below.

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What An OCP Certification Indicates

OCP stands for the Office of Cannabis Policy, the leading authority on all things cannabis legislature/compliance in the State of Maine. OCP approval is required in order for a cannabis business, whether it’s growing, selling, concentrating, or testing cannabis, to be legally recognized and approved. This licensing allows us to provide only the best in analytics, all within the boundaries of Maine laws and regulations. Legality and legitimacy are not just important to us, but to Maine cannabis as a whole. To get started on getting your products analyzed by an OCP approved laboratory with a passion for quality, click below.

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A Brief Overview

We hope that these explanations of our certifications have been helpful to you in establishing why CATLAB, LLC is the best laboratory analysis organization for your business and products. To get started on scheduling services, click the link below.

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We offer professional, prompt, and thorough analytics for all cannabis businesses that choose to work with us. Our passion is to make sure that your products are free of harmful contaminants and within safety regulations. To view our services, click below.

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