Avoid Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils

5 Tips to Avoid Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils

Heavy metals in the soil may be found in cannabis. Generally, heavy metals can be ingested by persons who smoke or vape cannabis because the plants can absorb them through the soil, irrigation water, fertilizers, or vaping gear. 

In this article, we’ll go over several ways to keep heavy metals out of your cannabis soil and reduce the likelihood of exposure to these contaminants by inhaling cannabis particles. 

Cannabis may contain heavy metals from soilTest your cannabis with Catlab LLC

Hemp, medical and recreational marijuana, and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are all products of the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants can absorb heavy metals from the soil. Cannabis can absorb harmful metals, which can pose a risk for users.

Some strains of cannabis are often used for phytoremediation because they have unique physical traits. This includes long stems, fast growth, large root and leaf surface areas, high photosynthetic activity, and a low need for nutrients.

Metals like lead, cadmium, and chromium were also found to be taken in by the plant and spread through its leaves and petals. Trichomes, which look like hair, let these metals leave the plant through the flower.

Possible health concerns

Heavy metals can be absorbed by the body and can induce a broad range of harmful health effects if they make their way from cannabis into the body. Generally, inhaling heavy metal particles increases the risk of cancer and neurological, urinary, cardiac, and hepatic problems. 

Tips to avoid heavy metals in cannabis

Best agricultural practices can reduce heavy metal contamination, such as selecting cannabis strains that were not cultivated to absorb heavy metals better and selecting land that’s free of heavy metals. To keep your cannabis soil clean, consider these tips:

Feed your plants regularly

Plants may absorb metals easier when concentrations decline. Heavy metals that resemble nutritional cations compete for root absorption.

Always exercise caution while applying a foliar spray

Metals will likely be deposited on the plant’s leaves, stems, and bud sites during this process. Heavy metals can be biomagnified in guanos, manures, and bone-derived products to dangerously high levels. 

Independent lab test

Heavy metals have been found in several herbal and other supplements, including concentrated plant material. To prevent botched flower tests, examine these products by an impartial lab or research products you use thoroughly.

Regularly check the field and potting soil metal content

Each batch of potting soil might be unique depending on the proportions of fertilizers and composts used in its production. Soil samples should be tested regularly for heavy metals so that you may find a baseline and spots.

Consider plant variety

It’s important to remember that different plant varieties may absorb metals at various rates. Picking soil with minimal heavy metal content is a good first step. But you can also consider the plant itself.

When growing in soil, routinely passing heavy metal testing is possible with careful analysis, record keeping, and removing high-risk inputs.

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