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Exploring The Value of Cannabis Testing Labs: Is it Necessary?

In Maine, like most states, we have a governing agency overseeing all marijuana legislation. The leading agency here is the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP Maine), responsible for the MMMP (Maine Medical Marijuana Program) and adult-use cannabis laws and statutes. Marijuana testing labs in Maine and across the U.S. are intended to ensure the safety of all products sold, and are typically required by law to protect consumers and businesses. Although there are currently no laws requiring the testing of medicinal marijuana, Maine mandates the following tests be conducted on all adult-use recreational cannabis products:

  • Filth and Foreign MaterialCATLAB, LLC is a cannabis testing lab
  • Residual Solvents, Poisons and Toxins
  • Pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, plant growth regulators, disinfectants, etc.)
  • Other Harmful chemicals (Cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), arsenic (As) and mercury (Hg))
  • Dangerous Molds and Mildew
  • Harmful Microbes
  • THC Potency, Homogeneity and Cannabinoid Profiles
  • Water Activity and Moisture Content

2019 B.L. (Before Legislation)

Although Maine cannabis culture has always been rich in love and generosity, there was a time where ignorance was not bliss. There was a disconnect between the people and their cannabis products. The curse disguised blessing that led lawmakers to pass emergency legislation to mandate testing of marijuana products was unfortunately sickness. As a pattern of neglect came to the surface from one caregiver in particular, a number of patients came forward with physical detriments directly due to contaminants tested to be in their cannabis products. In true fashion, Maine people took immediate action to prevent these shortcomings in the future. Not only does the law now require testing marijuana for anything other than marijuana, but licensed cultivation facilities also have to label THC potency and water content. These are listed for safety reasons, but they benefit you in more ways than one! Who doesn’t want to be able to find high-test just by reading a label? As far as water content, the weight you buy at a dispensary is confirmed not to be heavier because it’s moist.


cannabis testing lab approved by maine ompWho is CATLAB, LLC, Anyway?

CATLAB, LLC is a CDC, OCP, & ISO Certified Analytical Testing facility dedicated to preserving the integrity of Maine cannabis. Passing through our lab means you’ve undergone the highest level of quality assurance. The combined standards held by the Center for Disease Control, Office of Cannabis Policy, and The International Organization for Standardization are next level for consumers and businesses across the state. We provide assistance in navigating the ever-changing world of marijuana and keeping your products compliant. As you read along and absorb the benefits of holding your cannabis to the highest standard, we invite you to reach out with any questions you may have!


Cannabis Made to Help, Not Hurt

If you use any type of cannabis product, you reap the benefits of mandatory testing. If you own any type of cannabis business, you reap the benefits of mandatory testing. If you care for anyone who uses and/or is involved in the cannabis industry, you too reap the benefits of mandatory testing! Continuing not to regulate and monitor the processes and materials used in producing so many people’s daily leisure activity, or even medicine in some cases, would lead to the fall of Maine cannabis. From the possibility of you coming down ill to the family dispensary found liable in a case of ignorance, ensuring proper safety standards are met is vital to a healthy cannabis ecosystem. Once upon a time, not long ago, cannabis’ future in Maine looked bleak. With the help of independent testing facilities like CATLAB, LLC to verify, many cultivation facilities have embraced new standards by incorporating in-house testing as part of their processes. Just like Maine, keep Cannabis the way it should be.